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Where have you gone?

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

"Things feel strange, not quite right, Adults silent lips closed tight"

Passed away, gone to sleep,

Now in heaven? … I hear people weep.

Things feel strange, not quite right,

Adults silent, lips closed tight.

What’s going on? Just say the word,

Dead, died, I know the words I heard,

I may be young, I may be small

But please don’t think I don’t understand at all.

The hole that is growing in my heart,

It threatens to tear my world apart.

I feel the loss, I feel the pain,

I know things will never be the same again.

I cannot always talk or cry,

Express my feelings down inside,

But I know my loved ones gone,

Not coming back, away from home.

Please don’t hide your grief from me,

Because I feel the same – can’t you see?

I want a hug, that I’ll now never get,

To tell them I love them – I’m so upset.

Was I good? Were you proud?

“I MISS YOU SO MUCH”, I shout aloud.

Please do not think I need protection

From my feelings – it’s your own deflection

Please Angels in heaven have you got them?

Wrapped in your wings, did you catch them?

Why did you take them?

I want them back,

Please, please are they ok?

Why did they have to go away?

© Stacie Frost 2017

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