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Praise and Testimonials


Tirza Schaefer

There were tears and laughter, gratitude and deep emotional healing when Stacie relayed messages in a manner that was truthful, yet sensitive and caring.

So if you ask me, would I recommend Stacie to do a reading for anyone, the answer is a resounding, "Hell, yeah! You don't want to miss out on the most genuine, humble and accurate person to get a reading from!


The Retreat UK & Portugal

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Stacie Frost is our first choice of expert speaker and coach on a wide range of healing modalities for our guests on spiritual spa breaks and attending our Spirit and Inspiration Events. She's our number one call for one-to-one readings and demonstrations of mediumship due to her extraordinary accuracy delivered with kindness, warmth and often humour. A consummate professional, she's down to earth and utterly charming. We can't recommend her highly enough.  

Tracy, Essex, UK

Mark W, Herts, UK

Shirley, Essex, UK

Thank you for a truly inspirational experience that I can honestly say has been life changing. During our sessions, you have introduced me to many elements of spirituality; my favourite being Angel therapy. Your friendly approach and relaxing, tranquil setting is perfect for meditation and allowing the soul freedom to connect with higher vibrations.


Thank you, Stacie, for helping me with the start of my spiritual journey. I can’t speak highly enough of the help, inspiration and guidance that you have given me. 

I've known Stacie Frost for many years who was recommended by a family member. As far as energy and working with spirit goes, she's the 4th emergency service as far as I'm concerned :)

From clearing and balancing the energy in my home and offices, one-to-one readings and past life regression, she's someone I have absolute faith and trust in. I appreciate people that cut to the chase and explain things in language I understand. Despite her expertise and knowledge, Stacie is so down to earth and easy to be with – for me, this makes her stand out from her peers. I think she's terrific. 5 stars from me all the way.

I have always felt a spiritual connection and a call to healing. I want to thank you for helping me to realize my gift and allowing me to accept the truth.


The help that you have given me has helped me to understand reality and overcome many lifetime issues, and you have given me a range of techniques to cope with difficult experiences.


Thank you for your inspiration which has been amazing and has changed my life.

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"If you would like to share your personal experience, feedback or comments for publication on our website,we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you so much to our contributors."

Stacie Frost, 

Dip Hyp, MPLTA, Ad Col, Reiki

SSHH – Stacie's Spiritual & Holistic Healing

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