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Updated: Mar 21

What is EGO? – so many, talk of this thing that is more feared than Voldemort! This entity within us that sparks fear at the very mention that we might have one. Oh, the shame! Well YES of course we have one – there! I have admitted it, that bit of us when we feel pride puffs up like an inner souffle. The question I ask, is why do we have one if it is such a taboo, especially in the spiritual movement? Surely if we have an EGO then it is there for a reason.

The EGO is the part of us that binds us to the physical world and our subconscious. It is the part of us that enables us to live on the earth plane. It is the survival mode that helps us strive to live here. In shamanism you cannot get close to the creator if you push away and deny the dark side of yourself, to truly understand the light, you have to face and push through the darkness.

For me, the EGO is a morality and humanity barometer. Too much and self-importance, lack of empathy and arrogance ensue – but without it – stalemate, as a lack of self- worth, apathy and the ability to move forward can be stuck in stasis.

Like any emotion, balance is the key and by using it the EGO can be invaluable for measuring our actions. We can then dialogue internally, “Should I have done that, Did I say something hurtful?” for example. We can then guide ourselves down a more compassionate path of integrity, love and respect. Without EGO many things would not get done, it is the little nudge that helps us get out of our comfort zones, the engine that drives us forward.

Food for thought! Those that say they are without EGO and pull apart those which they think do…is also EGO. In striving to be seen as more spiritually AWARE! And putting themselves on an elevated pedestal is, is it not, trying to be seen as better than another? Lack of EGO is admitting you have it and that you try your hardest to balance it and be the best person you can be. We are all here to try our best and when we admit our failings, then make changes to rectify them – that is always success in the eyes of spirit and true humility.

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Stacie Frost

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