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The Long Game

Plagued by fear, that’s what we are,

From embryo to end of life,

Missing thoughts and consciousness,

Replaced by the shallow shadows of illusion.

Empty are we, drained of love,

From the creator we have turned,

Faith diminished, beliefs shattered,

Our new Gods, fake and materialistic.

Oh, woe is us, this human race,

Self- serving and destructive,

Annihilating ourselves and the planet too,

Short sighted we head into the darkness.

We are shuffled and shuttled into place,

Our minds and bodies living pawns

To be played in the greatest game of chess,

The Long Game, is drawing to its conclusion.

Hope may be a distant flicker

That irritates the subconscious mind,

An itch that won’t go away,

Residing hidden in plain sight.

But what if this pilot light was wafted

With knowledge, truth and love,

Reigniting the flame once more,

Awakening and returning us to our heart centred power.

Can you see the darkness then?

Penetrated by pinpricks of luminescence,

Gradually gaining momentum

Getting brighter and brighter.

The light overshadowing the dark

As the gleams join together,

One Universal heartbeat,

Rhythmically beating as one.

Then fear would be no more,

Truth would reign again

As those gaps in our collective consciousness

Are filled, healed by knowing.

The illusion breaking down,

Of all that we were and can be,

Power being reinstated to each soul

As we connect Universally.

© Stacie Frost 2017

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Stacie Frost

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