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Back in the saddle

Hi everyone, well what can I say, there has been quite a few years between my last entries and now. What with the last few years of trauma and now having moved to the beautiful north, it seems like a lifetime has passed. The good news is, is that things that have been put on hold are now coming back to the fore and are accelerating, with 2024 being a year I feel of profound change. The stagnant feeling is shifting and the energetic vibration is speeding the planet as well as ourselves. More and more have awakened and now understand that for us to move forward into this higher energy, we have to come together in love and eradicate the fear not only between ourselves, but in our everyday circumstances. I think most of us can agree that our lives have been fraught with challenges of late, and I am sure that circumstances for a lot of us have changed, however, the universe has a plan and it may not always be evident to us, but when we look back at the twists and turns, we always get where we need to be. So, do not give up....know that you are worthy and loved and whatever the tangent life throws at you...just get back on that saddle and ride like the wind like the Earth warrior you are.

Much love and luminosity

Stacie Frost

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