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'THE SNOW' by Tirza Schaefer

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

I'm not officially predicting any sudden weather changes today but wanted to share this poem by Tirza Schaefer from her beautiful book 'My Spirit Song.' Thanks so much to her for allowing SSHH to publish it here for our festive blog season.


The mud

The grime

The slosh

The dirty black, darkest brown

All covered

In crystalline dots

Of white purity

How it glitters

And sparkles

How the sunlight reflects

In icy clarity

How colours seem more vibrant

All through the protective blanket

The warming shawl

Of a myriad of individual flakes

Magicking smiles on children's faces

Protecting plants from freezing death

Lulling the world

Into a sense of blissful wonder

At the delights of nature's miracles

The Ponds are frozen

Ice sparkles

In a thin layer of sugary frosted cover

So many animals are sleeping

Through the cold days

Of winter

It is dream time

Bear is reigning

Imparting wisdom

In your sleep

The days are short

And the nights are long

Time to gather round the hearth fire

Time for crafting

Telling stories

Of times long gone

And times to come

A period of rest

Of clans getting together

Witches stirring cauldrons

A time of magic

And preparation for renewal

Children falling asleep

In the loving arms of adults

Who speak softly, soothingly, lovingly

Peace reigns in the house

In the warmth of the fire

While outside wolf is prowling

To assist with family bonding

His howling imparts of message

Of clear communication

Of ancient wisdom imparted

Mother Moon shines

Her friendly face

Shining a gentle sparkle on ...

The Snow

© Tirza Schaefer 2013

Spirit Song: A Spiritual Evolution in Poetic Expression by Tirza Schaefer

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