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Oh the horror! Anxiety dreams

Subconscious fears manifest into images

Dream types

Dreams types can blend together where the subconscious forms a jigsaw of images to get across what it needs to work out and what it wants you to discover. For example, you may have a spirit visitation in the middle of a weird or surreal dream, or a prophetic message may take place in an anxiety dream. In theory I think there is no hard and fast rule to how they interplay but the challenge is how to differentiate and then interpret what you are seeing and feeling, to not only understand the vision but to also get to know your psyche a lot better. Right, let’s have a better look at some of those different types. Today we start with the most common type which most of us have experienced at some time or another…

Anxiety… Well who hasn’t had one of these beauties! They can be downright scary the images of your worst fears manifest into some bizarre horror story in your mind. Being chased by an unknown demon, with knives ready to kill you or you might be the perpetrator, wanting to harm another. Something bad happening to a loved one (children often come up in dreams like this). You may also have animals in your dream, ready to pounce or bite. Getting lost or being left behind are also a manifestation of our fears, such as missing a plane, or not finding the right gate…the list is endless because our fears and the circumstances that causes our anxiety have infinite combinations.

Let me share one of mine… Years ago I had a dream where Lions had escaped from the zoo (I had not watched a wildlife programme the night before however things you watch before bed can become part of your night time adventures). I remember going into the car park near my house where the lions were sitting on top of the cars and I felt at that time that I was being hunted, I really felt like they were out for the kill. When I looked on what was happening in my life at that time, I was having a horrible time with a couple of neighbours. My subconscious in its infinite wisdom thought “Hey, she feels ganged up on and under threat. I know Lions do the same ggrrr, that will get her going, let her work this shit out!” My subconscious was making me understand my own anxiety by using images that would create the same feeling in the dream that I was experiencing in my waking life.

It is easier to see an image (spiritual catchphrase, say what you see) and make a connection than in words. Remember we may speak different languages but we recognise the same images, which is why road signs are the same in most countries. It is no different for our subconscious, it uses a universal language. It is however how you interpret that image that makes the meaning differ. Do you like birds? Do they represent a symbol of peace or the ability to spread your wings to follow your dreams… what about if you hate birds, like a phobia, then a dream for some which is joyful and inspirational, may instead become a source of anxiety. Although archetypes are a basis for the underlying meaning of our night time shenanigans, dream interpretations are subject to your experiences and what your beliefs are, and only you can really know what they mean.

The best thing you can do right now is invest in a journal and start recording your dreams. I have kept one for nearly 18 years and the insight it has given me is phenomenal. Of course, I do wish my dreams about Chris Hemsworth were prophetic but hey ho, you can’t have everything!

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Stacie Frost

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