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Channelled Guides 3: CONNECTION

Updated: Mar 21

All channelled messages and information is transcribed as it is received with no attempt to correct grammar or interpret it’s meaning. Whoever resonates with this communication will come across it; Anyone guided to hear it, will see. In Spirit we trust and in gratitude we remain.

Name Given: None | Transmission date: 24th January 2019

What is connection? Connection is the energetic resonance to the creator which in turn is also inside everyone of us. Our frequencies change from moment to moment depending on our emotional state at the time, which is why we connect with different people at different times of our life.

Our connective energy is in a constant flux and flow and changes when we encounter other energetic fields. It is a fallacy that humans are not involved in the healing process as we are ALL at one with the universal power and so we are all part of it, not separate. It is without fear that true connection is possible as it is a purer form of vibration – fear casts a shadow where we can feel disconnected from the source – from spirit – from love.

Two people connecting is like an infinity symbol, looping between each other in constant motion, the more people that are present – the more trifold in that like a triangle, the creative energy – that what heals by intention, is drawn through the source – through the healer – merging, going through the recipient and back to the source. Energy has to keep in motion and so the recipient cannot just store the healing energy – something has to be given back in exchange. This constant flux and motion then, continues to energize not only the sitter but also the healer as it is continually re- energized as it goes back to the source.

When you consider a group of like- minded people for instance – the vibrational energy resonates on the same or similar frequency – the more uplifting the circumstance, then all feel the same, flowing higher – joy and energetic vibration. In a group that may be sad or angry, the same applies – and so the energetic effect although denser has the same result – all feel more down or angry.

The only way to be an exception to the rule is to learn how to ground and put up an energetic field – through intention and visualisation. This practice can be invaluable in situations where a person may enter a non- compatible energetic environment.

It takes a strong persona to be able to alter other people’s field by intention but it can be done. Understanding how this works is to understand connection. Our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings and our physical are all part of the system working on various wavelengths. Being energy in their own right is still connecting to the whole. Being aware of the part we play in our connection in our connection to the universe is what we strive for – and it is with that thought, I bid you goodnight.

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In Love, Light and Healing

Stacie Frost

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