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Channeled Guides 2: GUT INSTINCT

All channelled messages and information is transcribed as it is received with no attempt to correct grammar or interpret it’s meaning. Whoever resonates with this communication will come across it; Anyone guided to hear it, will see. In Spirit we trust and in gratitude we remain.

Name Given: None | Transmission date: Not recorded

"Gut instinct is an inner path that you walk and if you listen, the right path flows without many obstacles. However, ignoring your inner compass can lead you off the beaten track. Your gut instinct is just that, a nervous, knotty, butterfly, jittery or sick feeling in your stomach which occurs in such times as being in love, excited, nervous about a job interview for example or when a decision needs to be made. Gut instinct links to the chakra in the solar plexus which is just above your navel. It’s colour is yellow, which is where yellow bellied, yellow livered (cowardice) comes from. Jaundice is a condition that causes the skin and eyes to take on a yellow hue due to liver problems (possible imbalance with this energy centre.)

How many times has someone asked you to do something and you are apprehensive. The stomach area usually knots or feels queasy. This inner monitor is saying be cautious – is this really what you want to do!? How many times have you overridden the feeling and obstacles meet you one after another?

If the feeling in your tummy feels fluttery and light, tinged with excitement then your instinct is telling you this is a more positive option. How many times have you ignored that and regretted it after! Od course it is not just your tummy that arrives at these conclusions but the whole of your system is on alert – eyes, brain, heart centre all combine to alert you to your inner feelings.

"This inner monitor is saying be cautious – is this really what you want to do!?"

Other areas can also be an indication of instinct. For example, have you ever gone to say something to someone – maybe something they need to hear, or you think they do – and your voice closes up, or the opportunity doesn’t present itself. This is usually a sign that you know that maybe it is better to say nothing at all.

Our bodies physically, mentally and emotionally are a beacon of signals and signs radiating anything from the subtle to the extreme, our thoughts and feelings. By taking time to examine these responses we can get a greater insight into ourselves and therefore can help us stay true to the path we have chosen to walk.

Some paths are harder and more traumatic to walk than others but by keeping our conscious mind on these signals it might be easier to bear.

Next time you have a decision or are asked to do something – be conscious of your first physical response – allow your intuition to guide you and be aware of how your body responds as it might be different for everybody. When you can feel these flutterings or nervous knots you will start to see your inner self with more clarity leading to stronger perception.

An exercise to try is to imagine being asked to do something not in your moral compass like rob a bank or hurt something (someone) – sit down and feel the reactions – then imagine being asked to do something you enjoy or would love to do, like going dancing etc, you get the drift! Feel the differences. If you get excited with the first suggestion then that’s a concern and you need to delve deeper into those feelings with a professional."

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