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Colour Therapy Series: RED

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Colour (Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy) is one of the highest in the hierarchy of healing and like sound, is easy to use and implement into our daily lives. Colour, as with everything in the universe, vibrates at it's own (varying) frequencies – It's energy is 'alive' and in constant flux as it harmonises or creates discord with all other living things. All systems, organs, tissues and cells are comprised of vibrating atoms from microscopic plankton on earth to every star in every solar system. We all absorb and emit colour (light), all of the time. You could miss a potential rainbow of opportunity if you underestimate the power of colour to transform. This blog series is a basic introduction to the attributes most commonly associated with the colours: RED | Orange | Yellow | Green | Pink | Blue | Indigo | Violet | Enjoy!

Stimulates brain waves | Breathing, heart, blood pressure and circulation | Links to adrenal glands that secrete hormones to regulate metabolism, body salts and our fight or flight response | Sexual glands | Energises the Muladhara also known as the Base or Root Chakra | Warms | Awakens | Alerts | Wavelength: 620–750 nm Frequency: 400–484 THz

Associated with Prosperity | Survival | War | Fire | Rising Sun | Strength | Leadership | Passion | Determination | Desire | Love | Emotional intensity | Materialism

Red in balance: Passion, Drive, feeling secure, grounded and focused

Red out of balance: Anger, Lack of focus, fidgety and lacking inner stillness, feelings of insecurity and not being grounded

Crystals to activate or balance: Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper, Hematite

Crystals to calm: Turquoise, Emerald, Jade

REMEMBER – TIP FOR USING RED: "If you want to get back into the lurve zone, don’t forget to invest in a pair of Red Passion pants!"

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In Love, Light and Healing

Stacie Frost

Dip Hyp, MPLTA, Ad Col, Reiki

SSHH – Stacie's Spiritual & Holistic Healing

All views and information contained in our blog are the personal opinions of Stacie Frost and her guest authors. While being experienced and qualified in a wide range of holistic healing modalities, they are not qualified doctors and do not diagnose any health condition. Any form of complementary therapy should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice.

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