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Channeled Guides 1: LONE STAR

All channelled messages and information is transcribed as it is received with no attempt to correct grammar or interpret it’s meaning for the reader. Whoever resonates with this communication will come across it; Anyone guided to hear it, will see. In Spirit we trust and in gratitude we remain.

Name Given: Lone Star | Transmission date: 16th November 2009

The waters run deep and wide, to where they run into the sea.

Little rivers merge with the greater whole that becomes the mighty oceans,

forming a loop that never stops. The big returning to the small.

As the crow flies, all is in front of us.

Far reaching deserts, the plains whispering their song of love.

We are but a grain of sand in the desert.

A blade of grass on the plain and a drop of water in the ocean.

But when we are together in unison, we become the mighty desert,

we become the plains and the seas and the rivers.

We mold and shape our world, our existence, and it can be beautiful

or it can be destructive.

Like the desert moves and is barren, like the plains that hold little shelter

And like the water that can bring life or take it away in mighty floods.

How we use the small part of us determines the outcome.

Use peace and our smaller parts will open it’s eyes to the whole,

not only on Earth but in the Great Sky.

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