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Help for depression using colour & sound

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

If you're feeling low, anxious or depressed sometimes the last thing on your mind is to immerse yourself in bright or vibrant colours. When many are feeling down, hiding themselves away in dark clothes or places can be their way of coping. They may become focussed on darker or mournful music. This in itself can be a symptom of depression. We can all look out for signs within ourselves and others that we may be suffering but not even realise how low we've become.

If someone's symptoms have persisted for more than two weeks or include thoughts of self harm or suicide they should see their doctor or mental health care provider to discuss how they're feeling and consider what treatment or ongoing therapy and support is needed. Click here to go the NHS page for clinical depression. You can find a check list of psychological, physical and social symptoms of clinical depression here.

Holistically speaking, colour and sound are the highest in terms of the hierarchy of healing. The video below matches the sound frequency of the seven main chakras to their colour.

There are several ways to use the vibrational frequencies of colour and sound in our everyday lives. Some are easy to employ at home and can be used subtlety and without being too invasive for someone around you who is showing signs that all is not well. Yellow can be helpful for depression and for anyone at any time who is in need of an uplift.

  • If you can only bring yourself to wear black clothes, wear a concealed yellow scarf underneath a jumper or coat, tuck a piece of fabric into a pocket or wear yellow underpants, vests or pyjamas

  • Add naturally yellow fresh food to your diet such as sweetcorn or yellow pepper

  • Tie a yellow ribbon to appropriate things you regularly use or are in sight around your home

  • Replace a clear bulb in a side lamp with a yellow one

  • Take a homeopathic colour remedy for yellow

  • Wrap a yellow scarf around an existing neutral lampshade

  • Use a colouring book with an image you can colour yellow

  • Solarise your drinking water by leaving in sunlight/daylight for an hour in a yellow glass

  • Listen to binaural beats and isochronic tones found in the Alpha Range in the video below

Attributes most commonly associated with the colour YELLOW:

Supports the digestive system | Links to the pancreas which effects digestion and insulin production

| Relieves Depression | Improves memory | Energises the Manipura also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra | Connected to our mental body | Wavelength‎: ‎570–590 nm Frequency: 508–526 THz

Associated with Freshness | Energy | Intellect | Loyalty | Clarity and enlightenment | Optimism | Cowardice | Deceit | Happiness | Instinct and intuition

Yellow in balance:Intuitive (gut instinct), Feeling balanced, respectful of the self and others, spontaneous and free spirited

Yellow out of balance:Worried about how others perceive you, fear of isolation, insecure, controlling or being a workaholic

Crystals to activate and balance: Yellow Topaz, Citrine

Crystals to calm: Sodalite, Turquoise, Sapphire


Helplines and contact links for most of the sources in the UK for support and advice are included in my blog 'We Can All Help Make A Change for Mental Health this Christmas.'

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In Love, Light and Healing

Stacie Frost

Dip Hyp, MPLTA, Ad Col, Reiki

SSHH – Stacie's Spiritual & Holistic Healing

All views and information contained in our blog are the personal opinions of Stacie Frost and her guest authors. While being experienced and qualified in a wide range of holistic healing modalities, they are not qualified doctors and do not diagnose any health condition. Any form of complementary therapy should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice.

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